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Tue Jun 30 20 10:02am
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Depends on the game: If it's a more arcadey type of experience then maybe 15 mins to half an hour. If I don't enjoy it in that time then I likely never will. If it's a bigger experience like an RPG or some huge story-driven game then I might give it 1-2 hours max. Story isn't that important to me so I know it's not going to get me 20 hours in if I not actually enjoying playing a game in its own right, that's for sure. I need to know pretty quickly how it feels and if I'm simply having fun, and then and only then after that do I care about everything else and I can let the story do the rest of the work. Mother 3 is an example of a game where I think the story and underlying concept is utterly profound and a bit of a masterpiece, but it's only because the core game is brilliant too (from the visuals and presentation to the controls, underlying gameplay mechanics and world design) that I gave I ultimately cared about what it had to say.


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