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Seems like we can all agree that it depends on game and our own play styles.

Death Stranding is one I am playing a great deal these days. I'm one of the many who got real excited when I saw the trailer but damn how I was let down when I saw the gameplay. WTF is this? An interactive movie/walking sim? But I still loved the setting so much I eventually got it pretty cheap and went in. And at first it truly was an IM/WS but you got into the story and damn is it interesting. And people told me not to give up. That and the story and setting and my personal curiosity got me going and now it's a full fledged survival horror game with some great stealth elements and some good freedom to choose how you want to go through misions. Now I love the game.

But games like, for example, Bayonetta "clicked" with me in an instance. Just from the demo on the PS3 I was beyond sold. Or the first time I played Splatoon. Those controllers, gyro with buttons and sticks. That smoothness.. Oh dear me.. And the simple yet deep tactics you have in the game. Got me hooked instantly (this last part was not a jab at you, JD . Just some examples I fealt like usingSmile )


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