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the utility man
Tue Jun 30 20 11:27pm
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Is it really that difficult to know what to keep from previous entries and want not to keep? Paper Mario 64 and TTYD are still beloved titles after all these years and people keep referencing what they liked about them. Super Paper Mario was criticized but eventually some people came around and enjoyed it, though it still doesn't have the reception of the first 2. Sticker Star came out with almost everyone hating it. Color Splash was released to most people calling it Sticker Star 2 even if it wasn't exactly the same it was close enough to bother people.

You'd think after so many attempts they'd have learned now what people want out of this series and what they don't. This reminds me in a way of that old code breaking game "Mastermind". Something people want but not done exactly how they want? White peg! Something people want done exactly right? Red peg! Something people don't want at all? LEAVE IT OUT OF THE GAME!

That being said, I haven't decided if I'm going to get this game or not yet, but they are definitely steering me towards not getting it real quickly.


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