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These days, I can usually tell within the first 30 minutes if I'll like something or not, because I don't have time anymore to dump into something that might get good 7 hours in. Because of this it's been hard to try new things and instead stick with what I know (Animal Crossing, Shantae.) It also sucks to drop $20 or more on something you have no idea what is going to feel like.

I just thought of Snake Pass. I was really excited for it and got it day 1 on Switch. But after playing the first level a few times and finishing the 2nd level, I felt like this was way too much work and not enough fun. I haven't went back since.

There's also the rare case of motion sickness. I barely made it to the end of the first level of Shadow the Hedgehog on GameCube. I've never been so motion sick in my life, and I didn't have issues with the older 3D Sonic titles like Sonic Adventure 2. But by the time the 2nd stage loaded, I had to shut everything down (and I mean everything) and crash on my bed for about 3 hours til I felt somewhat better. What a miserable experience.

I'm not good at shooting games either. I've played Fortnite a few times, Apex Legends a little, and hours (and dollars on) Overwatch, but in the end it just isn't for me. The only game I really enjoyed like this was Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron on PSP. I spent so many hours playing that game! I just couldn't get into the new Battlefront games on PS4 though.

If I'm not having fun, it's not worth my time. It's probably the reason I dropped out of Monster Hunter (again) and why it's so hard for me to keep playing Pokemon after I beat the story and catch all the available monsters. There's nothing to keep me around any more.

You wouldn't have to mention it since I know Ninjala has been one of those games for you. I'm still on the fence with it myself. I'm really turned off about some aspects of the game, but it's so interesting and sometimes even exciting that something about it draws me right back in.


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