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“When continuing a game series, it’s much easier to carry over the basics from an existing game system rather than building new systems for each new installment, but that’s not how you create new experiences or unexpected surprises. As a game designer, I want to deliver new experiences and surprises to our fans, so I always challenge myself to create something new. To be sure, I will sometimes use the same system in a subsequent game to further develop that system until I feel it has reached its full potential. But my goal is to continue to tackle new challenges as much as possible.

What an extremely stubborn and toxic way to approach game design. No doubt this was drilled into him during the Wii era. Let's not pretend he is noble for doing this, as he reserves this kind of guinea pig experimenting only for the lesser IPs he is told to watch over. This wouldn't fly for a bigger IP that sells more. Clearly, he does not give much of a fuck and treats this as just another job. Like are you kidding me? Using shower thoughts to make up a new battle system? This dude is full of himself. Easily the worst person working at Nintendo right about now.

Kills Chibi-Robo, delays Prime 4 with his garbage ideas, and utterly eviscerates the Paper Mario series and fandom. The only time he ever puts out any good work is when he's working with Western devs like Next Level Games and Retro Studios, since they probably challenge his authority and don't just go along with whatever bullshit he concocts on the spot just to be Novel & Creative™. An absolute joke of a producer. Whoever defends his way of thinking deserves to have a dunce cap placed upon them.


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