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Sun Jul 05 20 06:05pm
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I didn't say the average e-sports scene draws pedophiles, either, nor did I say none of the same crowd as an average e-sports toruney ever attends a for fun tournament.

You seem to be putting a lot of words in my mouth.

I said the average e-sports scene is toxic, and toxicity breeds drama.
And that's highly due to the mentality that surrounds it. The 'serious' contenders there are trying to "be the best."
There's high stakes involved, since winning or losing is tied to monetary gain, usually of a very large amount.
Having fun isn't the focus, and that's why it breeds toxicity.
Have you ever played team based games online?
How much toxicity comes from players just trying to "have fun" and how much toxicity comes from players seriously focused on winning?
It's not always 100% one way, but there's a very very large bias.

Sure, people can take "for fun" tournaments seriously as well, and the same people that play in average e-sports can also attend.
But by and large, it's going to draw more people just in it for fun, and that changes the dynamic of the tourney scene in question.

Do you think the emotions involved in the results of an exhibition sports match are just as high as the emotions during a win/loss of the world cup finals?
That's rhetoric, because we both know the answer.

What I'm saying is all pretty obvious, I'm not sure why you're being so obtuse and twisting around my words with every reply.