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The focus of your reply to me was that Nintendo wouldn't be interested in e-sports even if the participants were "Mr. Rogers." Which isn't the focus of this article either, but you still brought it up.

It's absolutely related to this story. This horror show happened because Nintendo obviously didnt have any special insights into these people's true character. Nintendo was clearly working under the belief that the Smash Bros community was not full of predators. If Nintendo had even the smallest idea of what was really going on then they wouldn't have specifically invited a bunch of pedophiles to their events.

How do you look at stuff like Nintendo going out of their way to bring freaking Nairo to the 2018 Smash Invitational as a VIP and decide Yes. Nintendo was right.

They distanced themselves from every aspect of the competitive Smash scene except literally the worst parts. That's not something to be proud of.

And since then I've been addressing this conversation that you brought up.

I mean no. The conversation was/is/will continue to be about the abuse of minors going in the community. It was never about your idea that competitive games somehow leads to people being bad in vague and undefined ways.


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