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You brought up that Nintendo would not officially support e-sports even if everyone was Mr. Rogers. How is that about the abuse of minors?

Mr. Rogers is a reference to an idealised person with no baggage. "If all e-sporters were like Mr. Rogers" is just another way of saying "If e-sporters weren't scuzzy pedophiles like the ones in this story and were in fact model human beings." Or to put it more simply: "I don't believe the behaviour referenced in the story had any bearing on Nintendo's stance toward the community. Since. You know. They didn't know about it."

But how is that related to EVO and what's happened?

Hey I'm fine with criticising both the EVO organizers and Nintendo because they both basically did the same screwed up thing. If you can point me to someone trying to make this a story about how good a job EVO did handled the last few years then I'll get into it with them too.

Again, I never said competitive video games makes people behave badly. You're the one who came up with that statement, so if anyone has to explain it, it's you.

Why do I have explain your argument that "toxicity comes from players seriously focused on winning." OK fine. My explanation is "That argument is wrong"

And I didn't say Nintendo *NEVER* associated with anyone who also participated in e-sports, I said they officially do not support e-sports.

OK but e-sports didn't abuse anyone. (Smash Invitational 2 time winner) Zero did. (Smash Invitational Surprise Special Guest) Nairo did. (Smash Invitational Commentator) D1 did. Choosing not to support e-sports while associating with the grossest rapist participants is the exact opposite of doing the right thing.


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