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I love the Virtual Boy because it has many gems considering its small lineup: VB Wario Land, Teleroboxer, Red Alarm, Mario Clash, Galactic Pinball, Vertical Force. Jack Bros seems great, but didn't purchase it at the time and is too expensive nowadays. Mario's Tennis has great 3D effect but Limited gameplay. And I wish G-Zero, Dragon Hopper and Bound High had been released because they looked like real winners. Having said that, would love to see those games make a comeback. The perfect time for that was a port for the 3DS, but since the train has passes, I don't see another opportunity right now (I recall Iwata was questioned if Nintendo was bringing VB games to 3DS and he said he would look into it, don't remember if it was on a Interview or shareholders' meeting). Also, nobody denies VB Wario Land's greatness, but maybe Nintendo does not consider bringing it back because sequels such as WL 2, WL 4 and Shake It might be superior. I would love a Shake It sequel, for instance.