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Thu Jul 09 20 04:46pm
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The main concern I have is that turn-based battle systems can be big time wasters if they don’t feel properly rewarding. Currency-only, EXP-less rewards for battles can work ok if the economy and number of encounters is tightly controlled and there are meaningful things to spend your money on (Deltarune and pacifist Undertale come to mind). But it looks like the game showers you with coins all over the place and they don’t just come from battles. I guess as the video points out, you can spend them on upping the timer, but I imagine how much players will want or need to do that will vary wildly from person to person. Plus it seems like most of the things you’ll spend your money on are temporary anyway, rather than being permanent upgrades.

It seems like there are some other really good things this game has to offer, but the core battle system still having the faults that ruined Sticker Star for me causes me to lose a significant degree of interest in this game. It doesn’t need to be exactly like the first two games, but the core mechanics need to feel rewarding for me to be interested in the game. And I don’t want to buy a game that I think there’s a good chance I might not like. Especially for a series whose devs seem to so consistently miss the mark in understanding what people like about it.


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