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Fri Jul 10 20 08:41pm
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Nintendo isn't perfect, but they are trying to offer various other kinds of games to keep the gaming industry from stagnating into collapse. I'm not saying I'd buy The Origami King on day 1 of launch, but I'm not going to summarily dismiss it because it's not The Thousand Year Door 2 or a TYYD-type game.

Far too many just dismiss a game because it isn't their ideal, perfectly bubbled game. Learn to leave comfort zones. Turning one's nose against waggle cause the superior Wii Remote controls for FPS games to go away (the Joy Cons are too small for me to enjoy gyro aiming), why the 3DS ditched stereoscopic 3D, and eventually will be the reason why Nintendo will give up on the Switch's primary function. By simply refusing to try anything new if it isn't a dual-analog game with Xbox Live-type features, the same games will constantly be made or remade with anything new being very to extremely rare.

Hell you notice Nintendo has barely released any eShop only games on Switch like they did with the 3DS? Where'd all the 3DS new IPs go like Sakura Samurai? The Switch could use a new Sakura Samurai game with a different take on musical combat compared to the 3DS game.


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