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Sorry, was I supposed to be continuing the argument? I was just relieved about the cancellation and wanted to spread the news.

Obviously, I don't blame you for not wanting to get the game either. I'm one of those who would much rather play actual basketball than play NBA 2K20 or watch the game. If I want a thrill like Don't Get Caught, I'll just call an Uber.

But OK, to your argument. To me, the issue is that the Switch eShop is really a communal space. Unless I'm buying all my games on game cards, I'm going to have to frequent the eShop at some point. And to have something so classless waiting for me there, it's just bothersome. I feel dirty and ashamed for even owning a Switch, knowing that it's playing host to something so tasteless. It's like I'm the mother in A Christmas Story, and that stupid leg lamp my husband won is Waifu Uncovered. If I need to reset us back to 1993 to get that thing out of my house, so be it.

Also, you're wrong to assume that I am not also greatly offended by violent content. I would also much prefer if Mortal Kombat 11's Switch version went back to gray sweat instead of blood. Plus the aesthetic would only complement the gray hair that all the characters have in that version.


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