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I just didn’t like how you assumed things, especially that last paragraph in your previous message. It’s the reason why I assumed you didn’t even read what I said. Also your tone made it sound like I cared about that game. When you said “I have bad news for you.”

But anyway, I see your point here. So you think every game in the eShop has to be politically correct or else it needs to be vanished from existence? I understand that some games contain insensitive things, but again, not everything has to agree with our morals or views. What we can do is just ignore that content and move on to the next game. My problem here is that you are selfish in a way: “If there is something I don’t like, no one gets to buy that thing because it offends me.”

The other point I was trying to make is that we live in a place together (earth). However, we all have different views, morals, and backgrounds. For example, what you think is right, is totally wrong to someone else and vise-versa. And to illustrate that, let’s say someone argues that we need to ban all mature games because games are for kids. Does that mean we ban all mature games just to please that individual?

I also want to mention one other thing. I’m sure you go out in public. Let’s say you went to the beach or something and you saw someone naked, would you tell them to wear clothes because you think it’s inappropriate? Or how about we say you just went outside and saw a woman or a man who are showing too much skin. Does that give you the right to tell them to cover up? And one final example: let’s say you hate pizza and you think it’s unhealthy. Does that give you right to close all pizza locations because you don’t like them and tell others to eat what you think is good for them?

In short, think of the eShop as a huge place for a wide variety of games that cater to all sorts of people - similar to earth. Do you agree with each individual you face in life?


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