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Again, you resort to attacking me personally and fail to address valid counter-arguments in response to what I said. What’s really the point of the first paragraph? Really. Not once did I mention that game in my last comment.

Learn how to argue with people in a respectful manner next time. You fail to comprehend the fact that I don’t care about this game at all. I am, however, against the fact that games should be censored or banned because they offend someone out there - who wasn’t going to buy the game anyway. I’m talking about games in general, not this particular game.

And again, did I ever mention crosses and alcohol in any of my previous comments? Don’t make assumptions. If you actually read (and comprehend) what I said earlier, I’m against censorship.

Next time, don’t feel so offended when someone doesn’t agree with your views, and stop living in a bubble. Also, understand that people have different tastes.


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