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Sorry bud. I just couldn't get into the headspace where I could pretend to be passionate enough about censorship to respond to a five paragraph essay about how our mutual coexistence on Planet Earth requires me to be more tolerant of bad DeviantArt erotica. It's been a long day, and I have my limits.

But you know, I have learned something today. When I first came across this post: https://raptorific.tumblr.com/post/180077045401/apparently-for-dudes-whove-got-a-compulsive-need
"Apparently for dudes who’ve got a compulsive need to be the smartest person in the room, “someone who’s wrong in a really stupid way who has unshakable confidence that they’re smarter than you” is their kryptonite. You can play dumb on almost any subject and their ego, their staunch belief that the masses are so far below them, will blind them to the fact that you’re just (messing) with them, and as long as you don’t admit you’re (messing) with them or acknowledge that there’s anything Off about what you’re saying, they won’t be able to stop themselves trying to get you to Respect Their Authority, and they won’t be able to see that will literally never happen."
I was like, "This is a ridiculous exaggeration, and no one is actually like that."

I was so, so wrong. And I'm sorry.


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