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Well, I wasn’t the one who was trying to get “enough outrage” to ban a “bad DeviantArt erotica.” You are also the same person who’s literally “relieved” that a video game isn’t releasing on video game system 😂 . To quote you: “I was just relieved about the cancellation and wanted to spread the news.”

You provided your argument on why that game has to vanish from existence, and I simply provided my counter-arguments.

Not once did I attack your intelligence or made silly remarks (like you did on multiple occasions - and still continue to do so). This was just a casual discussion. It also happened to be in text format, so it means I can’t tell if you are serious or not. To quote you again: “And to have something so classless waiting for me there, it's just bothersome. I feel dirty and ashamed for even owning a Switch, knowing that it's playing host to something so tasteless.” To me your tone was serious. I can’t see beyond words you know. I was simply responding to what you said. Maybe you need to read all the comments you posted and tell me if I’m supposed to know if you’re serious or not.


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