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Mon Jul 13 20 11:49pm
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Except it wasn't a hate mob? Literally, the whole issue was the fact that a trans character is deadnamed extensively by the main character and some NPCs, despite the fact that the game tries to make notes about equal rights and whatnot (including from said main character deadnaming them), making it a total tonal shift that was poorly, poorly handled and even noted outright in reviews due to how bad it ended up as.. Some even thought it was probably a cultural difference leading to misinterpretation on the way it was viewed that impacted the naming bit, which seems the most likely, and thus means this wasn't done out of malice. (especially since The MISSING is considered to be one of the best pro-trans games in years, also made by Swery, so I seriously doubt he'd have a reason to do anything offensive)

Literally all people did was note to him that it wasn't really a cool thing to do it the way they did it, and now they're tweaking it to make it better and he realizes what happened, and meant no malice. Literal happy ending, end of story, best case scenario. There's zero reason to be upset by this change at all, quite frankly, and I feel that it's a great thing if a creator listens to feedback and adjusts his game based on it (hopefully his pledge for the framerate edits are just the same): it isn't rewriting the entire story or anything, just better context and cultural tones to make it flow better and not come off as bad towards LGBT. I know several peeps that loved the first but were iffy on the second due to this character, and now that this change has been made (plus confirmation the original thing wasn't done in malice and was a legitimate mistake on his part), they'll be more than happy to buy it. If it's reasonable, it's always good to help out fans if needed, especially if it's an issue even reviewers find jarring.

Nothing wrong with being courteous at all, especially in a world that needs a lot more courtesy. This isn't like stuff like Pokemon games where fans bitch about a bajillion things needing to be added to the games every single year, or nitpick at minor details like trees and claim they ruin the game forever because they look aged: this is a legitimate, more concerning point about representation brought up by fans, respectfully hoping for the best, and now it's gonna be addressed. The creator's in full control of this, just as he was before, and that's pretty much all that's needed to make this right, rather than a publisher or someone not involved with the game haphazardly rushing a change that just makes the whole thing even more confusing or worse


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