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Was it known they were pedophile rapists when they were invited?

I believe I said earlier they didn't know. So what? Being ignorant that one is doing a bad thing doesn't turn what they're doing into a good thing. And bringing in a sexual predator to commentate an event is a bad thing.

And besides, I said "e-sports scene."
So that means individuals are the entire scene?

No but any honest evaluation of how Nintendo handles a community is always going to be inclusive of how it handles the community's specific members. You can't say "Nintendo did a good job staying away from a community" while pretending it didn't also gave the absolute worst parts of that community the red carpet treatment. That's a big thing to omit!

(For the record: My idea of a "good job" would be if they had embraced most of the members of the community except the rapists. You know. The opposite of the thing they did.)


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