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So tell me, how do you avoid someone for something that no one yet knows about?

There have been rumours floating around about most of these individuals for years (which is something that would have been easier for Nintendo to be aware of if they paid more than the bear minimum attention). Hell. Nintendo Brand Ambassadorâ„¢ Cinnpie was pulling some of her gross crap on Puppeh on camera.

(That's not to say that every rumour should be taken 100% at face value but in the presence of such rumours it would probably have been a good idea to have had better guardrail policies and supervision at these events between the large number of minors who attended and the VIPs who took the opportunity to rape them.)

I also said "scene" not "community."

Sorry English isn't my first language. From how I've heard those words used they're interchangable to me. If someone says something to me about "the indy scene" or "the fashion scene" or the "the punk scene" then I'm assuming they're referring to everything related to that subculture.

Please describe this definition of "scene" that you are using which somehow excludes the people who partake in it


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