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Oh I love SF0 and I'm willing to defend it. It's not the best SF game only because the alternative paths have a lot of recycled content, which was interesting as it gave a new perspective, but not as much as brand new levels.

The all-range mode bosses are by far the most innovative part of the game, including the Carrier, Monarcha Dodora, both from SF1, and Andross, of course. Andross, for instance, took a while to figure out how to defeat him, but once I did figure out, it became second Nature.

I think SF0 suffered from bad word of mouth marketing, and people read a few reviews and heard some saying the controls were not good and all and therefore never tried it. I think the controls and the dual screen setup are very good and functional, but you have to figure out the best way to use it. And many didn't have the patience to learn it (and I don't blame them because most like to fire up a game and play like a pro right away) and also swaping your view from Gamepad to TV and vice-versa is not as seamless as using the DS' dual screens.

Having said that, would love to see a new Star Fox game come to the Switch. But if they decide to rework SF0 and include a few more branching paths it would be awesome as well.

By the way, I have 2 copies of the SF0/SFG bundle, the one I bought back in 2016 and another I bought later on a sale to keep it sealed. Star Fox for life!


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