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My original Switch got beaten up so bad through regular use that I had to send it in to Nintendo for repair after 9 months. I mostly only sent it in because the grill over the fan intake was just COMPLETELY gone at that point, after slowly cracking and falling away for months. The analog stick on my right joycon also got damaged, and the locks came loose after about six months.

After it got repaired, the plastic mostly held up better, although my second set of joy cons AGAIN began to come loose after about six months.

Last December I decided to buy myself the new Switch revision, the special Walmart bundle with the free Mario case and red joycons. I treat it with EXTREME care and always keep it in the Mario case, and...it is holding up much better. Way fewer scratches on the case, joycons still lock, but that’s entirely because I treat it very carefully now, not like I would past Nintendo consoles or most other portable devices.

Overall, it feels like corners have been cut here, although I think Nintendo’s consoles have been getting less durable since the DS.


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