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For me, the back of my switch's plastic cracked, and I had to use a tape piece to hold it onto the system so it wouldn't expose the vent. Scared the shit out of me but besides that, it's been fine. My joy-cons all drifted a while ago so I had to repair all of them with NOA, but I expected that from their shitty build quality (also had two joycons break from the little latches that hold it with the system coming off)

...That being said, at random my right joycon in handheld disconnects despite being on the actual system, and I have no freaking idea what causes it. It drives me nuts and confuses me, since it's still firm on the system, and all the buttons on the thing don't work when it decides to disconnect... Yet when I use sleep mode and turn it back on it acts connected again wtf

I'd love to know how to fix that or what's going on. Whether it's my gray joycon from 2017 having a very picky connector, or even worse, my fear that it's the holding system itself on the switch...


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