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I’ve had my Switch since launch. The issues I’ve ran into was that it was bricked when they released a patch (6.0 If I recall correctly). I had left my Nintendo dock at Home and used a Nyko dock to play at work. The patch combined with the Nyko dock bricked my switch and I had to send it in for repairs (took about a week and a half and $100) and they couldn’t retrieve my saved data so I lost my XBC, Zelda BotW save data along with other games saved data. I also had to send in my original grey joycon to be repaired due to drift about a year ago. I’ve not encountered no other issue And my system has light scratches on the back (I’ve always had a glass screen protector on mine) and wear and tear marks on the grey joy con. Still running great and I plan on Continuing to use it until they release Switch Pro/2.


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