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Fri Jul 31 20 08:05am
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This might take a while...

I got mine on launch day over here in the UK. I've never bought a console at launch myself before.
It's easily the worst built Nintendo console that I've ever owned, primarily with the joy cons themselves.

I had issues with controllers within the first 4 or so months of the Switch. I had the usual issues like joy con drift, weak or limited battery life but also the lights that tell you if it is player 1, 2, 3 or 4 die too. I've had calibration issues with the sticks, motion, trigger buttons stop working due to faulty springs, the joy con rails wearing down, random bluetooth disconnects with the joy cons, all kinds of problems!
This has been constant all the way up to today. Repairs have been free, postage and all since launch in the UK. My Switch was out of warranty a long time ago but they must know that the hardware is highly flawed so they continue to fix it for free, no matter what the issue is despite the staunch stance on 1 year or repairs that used to reference for the first 2 or so years of the Switches life (maybe this was a holdover from the better built 3DS and Wii U).
A while ago after one of my semi-regular times of sending them in for repair they sent my controllers back in a box designed to hold the joy cons, so I've kept that box to use in the future, to save me buying a new jiffy bag (costs £1) to send them in each time.

Now for the system itself.
I do have greater issues with my kick stand than I used to and I have only taken my Micro SD card out a few times since launch but even so, it's almost completely worn away and falls off easily.

I had my Switch die completely back in September 2017 and Nintendo hadn't allowed transferring data to new Switches yet so all of my data was deleted (even the total play time) except for pictures and videos, which must have been stored somewhere else.
They had replace the back of the Switch as it was seriously messed up. So now the back of my Switch says 2017 rather than 2016, like the launch models do.
I still haven't played back through Breath of the Wild as at the time I was close to finishing the 1st set of DLC and have yet to see the 2nd set of DLC. I went back to most of the other games that I lost the save data for.

Since then the main system itself has been fine. I've had the occasional crash and weird issue but they are all software/OS related.

The controllers are still the worst thing, by far.


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