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Contrary to popular belief, Rom hacking is a stupidly difficult effort to undertake and something that often leads to more headaches than its worth. Not that it's impossible to do, (They did it just once, with Sin and Punishment on Wii VC) but for something like this it's more practical for them to just release it as-is with basic guide, than to go and hack the whole thing and basically do a new localization process in 2020 for an old ass game. That's also why there's no way in hell the SFC/FC stuff like FE 1-6 will ever be rereleased fully translated unless it's a remake, since a return on that would require way more than just making it run good in an emulator. (And why Mother 3, when it was worked on, was probably only worked on for the reason of the insane and gargantuan fan demand for it that would make it one of the safest games to translate and fully rom hack and sell, before it got shelved.)

I'd rather take this approach over us not getting Super Picross or Panel De Pon like we did on all systems before NSO. In fact, I hope Wrecking Crew 98 and Sutte Hakkun come over the same way so more people can have fun with them. Literally the only modern example I can think of where a company uses a romhacking to localize a previously JP only game that's not Nintendo, was the Trials of Mana translation from the Mana collection and that took a whole year to complete with rom adjustments. The Retro-bit reissues of Magical Drop 2, Metal Storm and Zero Wing also use romhack translations, but that was done by a fan translator who already did it in his free time and they just upped and hired him to make it legal (Something Nintendo will never do)


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