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I still go back to my 3DS all the time. I'm currently playing Super Mario 3D Land again in celebration of Mario's 35th anniversary and I'll be playing A Link Between Worlds again next year for LOZ's 35th as well. On top of that, I just bought a newly released 3DS game for my system last month funny enough. Atooi Collection from Limited Run Games. I guess that'll be the last.

Biggest regret in terms of games that never ended up on the system was Virtual Boy's Wario Land. It's a shame Nintendo didn't rescue that game from it's Virtual Boy prison and give it a new lease on life for many many fans to experience and enjoy, most for the first time. A real missed opportunity. Ah well.

The production may have ended, but the memories and legacy of the handheld won't. Oh, and it had actually had themes too.