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I’ll buy this again on Switch and give it another chance there but I bought it on Xbox at launch and man...it’s just not as good as Doom 2016. Put it down not even half way through.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to love. The visuals are excellent and the music is just as good as the last game. It still feels great to play, the greater focus on platforming is cool and I love the new enemy and world designs but all the RPG-esque customisation and the fact that every enemy requires a tutorial to know how to beat them flies in the face of what made Doom 2016 so good. That game was just no-nonsense and such a breath of fresh air, just keep moving and shooting and you’ll get through it. This one adds depth to that formula but the lack of having to consider strategy in the first one is exactly why I loved it so much. It’s not like they’ve turned it into a tactical RPG or anything but it’s not the mostly mindless fun that 2016 was. For many people that’s probably fine and a logical step for the series but it wasn’t what I was hoping for honestly.


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