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Tue Sep 22 20 12:21pm
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They wouldn’t necessarily have to release anything themselves-I don’t remember them putting anything out on New 3DS at launch that took advantage of it...could be wrong though. But Monster Hunter would be a big enough game to push marketing for it since this would be a console aimed squarely at the “hardcore” crowd and that game definitely fits the bill on that.

I’d hope that Nintendo would go back and update some games to take advantage of the extra power like BotW by giving it a resolution and potentially frame rate boost to 60fps (I can dream!). If they could incentivise third parties to go back and boost performance of some of their games like Witcher 3 and Wolfenstein 2, that would be cool. Being able to point at games that were clearly lower fidelity than on other consoles and improve them significantly (depending on how capable the hardware is) would be a big deal for some people. I know it’s not really Nintendo’s thing to focus on specs and visuals but they’ve attracted a lot of attention with Switch and got a lot of people who are interested in certain kinds of games and haven’t bought a Nintendo console in years to jump back in- I think there’s room to appeal to people who want that extra performance. I know of a number of people who would pay a premium for a Switch with better performance and I’m sure they’re not alone!


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