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* Stardew Valley has more content and is highly regarded
* Celeste is not short and highly replayable
* A Short Hike is short but sweet (and less than half the price)
* Raji is a mix of Prince of Persia and Indian culture
* Hades costs a bit more but it's much MUCH longer, has a great story, amazing gameplay and comes from a great indie studio
* Golf Story is a lot of fun and has a nice mix of gameplay elements
* Katana Zero has awesome gameplay, high replayability and will be getting free DLC
* Hollow Knight is considered to be one the best metroidvanias ever
* Wargroove is a spiritual successor to Advance Wars, fun gameplay, endless things to do, plenty of modes
* Snake Pass is a unique platformer that is super challenging and I found to be a lot of fun

That's what I could come up out of the top of my head, but I'm sure there's plenty more Smile


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