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Fri Sep 25 20 10:04pm
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Well, everyone's free to judge based on their own opinion.

If Link climbed a tower to get the map filled in with icons for where everything was, I would definitely accuse Nintendo of copying assassin's creed tower system.

But since it doesn't work that way, and the towers main purposes are actually fast travel points and glider launching points, in my opinion Nintendo vastly improved the tired ubisoft formula, instead of simply copying it, and that would be the difference. The only common factor is a tower must be climbed, a much more vague and general concept compared to apeing an entire graphical art style, down to the color pallette.

Also, if you look at the timing, it's not at all the same thing. Did ubisoft first put in assassin's creed towers, get incredibly popular, and then a few months later Nintendo showed up with a new game called BotW that also had towers? Not at all, in fact, even ubisoft has been acting away from towers when Nintendo decided to first implement them, which if anything suggests they did it *despite* waning popularity, but again went with it because they believed in their work. So basically, the exact opposite of this.

I'm not keeping score of everything either, but I can't fault people for calling someone out on what is, as I explained earlier, a completely rational response.


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