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Admittedly Hyrule Warriors became that way for me too. I've often said the gameplay is more like mowing your lawn than fighting in a war. But there were two things that made me still love the game:

1. The sheer amount of Zelda fanservice - For a big Zelda fan like me, it was loads of fun fighting as so many characters from Zelda history, using the classic Zelda items, and visiting so many different eras. A typically-themed Musou game would not have held my interest like that.

2. The additional side content - I can't remember what the mode was called, but they had that additional mode where you fought your way through the original Zelda map, and it provided additional twists to the gameplay. It was challenging enough that I couldn't just mash my way through each level... I had to strategize and actually be a bit clever.

I'm kind of banking on this new game having a fun side-mode, because we probably won't be getting the same wide range of interesting fighters for this game. But I'm waiting to see what else the game will provide before I decide to buy it. It helps that I'll also get to see pre-calamity Hyrule.


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