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Mon Sep 28 20 12:22am
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I don't think this game is going to turn out very well.

For starters, the bulk of development is actually being developed by Arzest; Square Enix is just footing the bill. Remember Arzest? Yeah, those are the mediocre devs that made Yoshi's New Island and Hey! Pikmin, 2 terrible and unremarkable 3DS games mauling Nintendo IP. They were a bacterial split from Artoon who also made the similarly unremarkable Yoshi's Island DS and Yoshi's Topsy Turvy. They are not very good.

The only reason they are doing Balan Wonderworld is because Arzest/Artoon is made up of former Sonic Team employees, so Naka probably brought them onboard due to some bizarre sense of nepotism (Or lack of resources, whichever the case). I am already seeing plenty of red flags from the trailer alone like the stiff and lifeless animations that snap into action very awkwardly, and the boastful claim of "Over 80 costumes to utilize!", which to me smacks of quantity over quality. In practice, it has never been a good idea to devote your entire game to scattered chunks of brief gameplay concepts, as not all of them can have the time, care and polish to be fully realized.

I know people love Oshima's art style (Me included), and they also miss Nights, 3D platformers, and all that jazz, but one really has to face the music here. The odds are incredibly stacked against Naka, and like others have already opined on here, I don't really think that he should be proclaiming he knows anything about 3D platforming. Sonic's leap into 3D has been an age-old point of contention for YEARS, and his previous solo outings like Rodea the Sky Soldier have been massive flops. I wish him the best of luck, but I am not holding my breath over this game. You all ought to not hype this game up at your own peril.


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