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I like the warriors series so my opinion might be a bit bias, but the original HW felt like it did a lot to improve the gameplay of the warriors franchise. Other warriors game felt more repetitive before HW. Now I will tell you that AoC looks way more awesome than the original HW. The first thing to notice is the art direction and the maps (the warriors keeps are just big squares on the map and the maps are simply plains I. Ware the action takes place). The way you approach and attack also seems to be expanded with normal combos, shiekah slate abilities and specials and weak point Smash. Also they seem to be teasing exploration gameplay. For instances there were comments about a ancient shrine that was in the map, Korok flowers and during gameplay they were talking about how far you can go and they were keeping quiet about it. This game could seems to be way above the OG HW.


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