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Thu Oct 15 20 12:50pm
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I'm coming around to the idea that the base roster is just going to be the 7 we know about right now. All the content seems to be tied directly to the main story map so that makes me doubt that villain characters or unrelated side characters will also be playable. With how soon we got gameplay for Impa after her reveal I'm thinking that the new characters getting introductions really are just NPCs.

EDIT: Also, all playable characters use the Sheikah Slate, so that's something to consider as well.

I'm still hopeful that all the characters will get multiple weapon-sets, though, now that Link is confirmed to have at least 3 (and Zelda still implied at 2). I'd like to see someone get a move-set based around the Giant Boomerang.

Maybe an alternate campaign comes around in an expansion pass, hard to imagine this game won't get DLC.


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