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Fri Oct 16 20 05:39pm
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Next year is Zelda's 35th anniversary and I expect we'll see Nintendo put out a similar collection, but yeah hopefully with some more bells and whistles compared to what Mario got. I'm fine with 3D All-Stars personally because the truth is just being able to play Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy on Switch in a higher resolution but keeping the games pretty vanilla was all I wanted ever since the rumors went flying earlier this year. With Zelda, which is in fact my favorite game series, I admit I'll be hoping for more. Like no doubt a Zelda collection would have Ocarina of Time, and my hope is they'd include not just the N64 version but also a properly emulated version of the 3DS remake running in a higher resolution. I can see it happen as while Mario 64 DS might have had potential problems porting to Switch due to the game not being made with analog control in mind, OoT 3D had analog control right the get go.


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