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TMS didn't do too hot on the Switch, either. Honestly though, I don't think Nintendo cared much, I think the point of it was to keep a healthy working relationship with Atlus going forward.

Super Mario RPG was also on the Virtual Console, and Square still has it's stake in that. We don't see any Capcom-created characters in Hyrule Warriors (though I still definitely see the ghosts of them). No Vaati costume in BotW, no Four Sword Amiibo drop. I assume there is some licensing issue, though I can't really prove it. Though if they are just willingly avoiding it then that doesn't paint a more optimistic picture.

On an semi-related note, I'd love to see the Oracles, as characters, show up again in some form in AoC or BotW2. Capcom can't own names that come from OoT, and they were kind of referenced in Wind Waker...


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