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I don't mind the prequels, I found them as good popcorn movies as the originals who follow very closely the path of the hero. I think some Star Trek stuff hits more my sci fi itch.

I mean opinions aren't facts. I can have my own, and it's only the way you tell it which can be bad or wrong. In my opinion I think if Disney really wanted to tell these stories again in live action or more realistic animation it should have gone bolder. Tell it in a way that perhaps wasn't appropiate for a family animated movie. These are clearly aimed visually to an older audience, since most aren't soft, sweet nor colorful or inviting. Yet the movies, I think, want to be both the animated movies with a few things changed. (Generally speaking I know some attempt not being a shot by shot adaptation).

I'll just end by trying to be constructive, I'll reccomend after watching these movies to just give a chance to the broadway musicals, I'll like to hear if maybe those carry a bit more emotion or if the movies made the right decision to be more restrained and not as "cheesy."


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