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Don't worry is hard to tell the tone of comment through only text.

My stance with the SM3DAS is that your mileage will vary in regards to the price, since it mainly brings the games back with small touches to accomodate them on the Switch. The limited run seems inexcusable since that'll feel bad with any game. It feels bad even with online only games that become unusable after the servers are taken out.

In regards to Nintendo's take with this collection, what feels weird to me, is that they have set the precedent to at least add extra wrinkles to their rereleases, like new content, characters or some new way to play. In that sense regardless of visual updates IMO it feels a bit barebones for them to don't add a personal touch to the collection. My expectation was at least a cool menu, like with the Megaman and Kirby collections. Which aside from art and music had little extras like challenge modes.


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