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The Kirby Collection was had so much personality in its UI and retail packaging. Also, I think it came with two episodes of the old cartoon IIRC.

The Megaman collections had challenges and achievements and extra modes, and something I really love as a Japanese speaker: a very large gallery/museum where I could go read the original manuals and read the comments on the original art. Playing the 3 SM3DAS games in Japanese was the only appeal for me to pick it up. I still have all those games in other forms, and I could go emulate the JPN versions, but having upscaled in one package all in Japanese was enough for me to pick it up, as it will be even if an LoZ Collection is bare-bones.

But as someone who associates Nintendo with quality and a high-degree of polish, I expect more from these collections. And I don't want Nintendo to make moves like Pizza Hut did in the 90s with the Big Foot pizza, which is make something of lower quality and, despite the large popularity of said item, tarnish the brand.


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