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Fri Nov 20 20 07:33pm
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I remember when the Super Mario Bros. game sold earlier in the year. Wasn't that to be sold on as shares of the game, something like a hundred or thousand? Or maybe that was another expensive game sold at auction. I could look it up. Not surprising that SMB3 has sold for more money. It is a better game after all.

Edit: I went looking, yep SMB was to be sold on in the form of 3,000 shares at $50 a pop.


You'd a copy of SMB sell for $114,000 in July, then another copy for $140,000 in August. And now SMB3 for $156,000. The prices are on the rise.

I wonder if any of our games today will be worth this much in 25 odd years time. If only we had a crystal ball.


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