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Sun Nov 29 20 07:34am
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He has no claim. He never has had a claim. His case was thrown out of court! He's bringing it up now and spinning another false narrative to once again use it for free and easy publicity, because he knows fine well the so called "professional" journalists reporting this artificially constructed "news" won't bother to take two minutes to check the facts of the thing they are reporting. And now he's getting a lot of false praise and props from a bunch of similarly ignorant gamers too.

This is the man you are indeed defending one way or another (by even suggesting there is some legal basis for his case based on the character's name that sounds a little similar to his name, but isn't, and that literally looks nothing like him and has no element that is copyrighted or Trademarked by Geller. Geller does not own the legal rights to a word that sounds similar to his name, or a representation of a character bending spoons.The law does not work the way you think it does):







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