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I don't think you are a lawyer... In fact, I'm sure you're not, but Capcom literally changed the names of three characters in SF2 because they were worried that Mike Tyson would try to file a lawsuit. That isn't to say the lawsuit would have had merit, but a company would rather not risk the possibility of their legal coffers having to be tapped into.

Also, telling you what's wrong with your argument is *not* the same as defending the person you're arguing against. You really have to stop taking this thing personally and chill. The man made a stink for his own gain, as many has-beens do, but look at how people have been reacting to everything you've posted in this thread. Nobody has given you any positive acknowledgement, you've won nobody over (not surprising since you even resorted to name-calling until your post was moderated), you've edited the same post *six* times (????... That's some Girl, Interrupted stuff there), and all you've accomplished was showing people that despite all you've said about Uri Geller, he would still be a more enjoyable guy to have a beer with.

Please, Ahab, put down the spear and walk away from this thread. For your own sanity. The world has so many bigger issues to get upset about than this.


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