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Tue Dec 01 20 04:50am
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And that's the point: Even when lawsuits have no merit these companies will often make changes to avoid any potential issues going forward--because lawyers and stuff cost a lot of money. So, even though Geller has literally no legal case whatsoever--FACT--Nintendo might have still done what it did just to try and avoid any more hassle.

And, no, I'm not a lawyer, but I did spend two years defending my Trademark from a legal case brought against me by the multi-billion dollar corporate giant that is Warner Bros., which I defended myself--and I won.

And I do not care what you think about me, how people have responded, or whatever other crap. This guy is an insidious leech who's abused ignorant and naive and hopeful people for decades, to the sums of literally tens of millions, and now we find out he has also abused the hobby we love too--I presume you love games, otherwise get the **** outta my face and stop wasting my time--and so now is literally the perfect place and time to call the worm out.

I'm simply doing my due duty as someone who was duped by this twit as a child, as millions others were too (and still are being), and also loves games too (which means he's now made it doubly as offensive by attacking the thing I love also), as we all should, and a popularity vote in here changes that literally 0%.

The guy is vile, and I'm letting it be known, particularly in cases were "professional" gaming journalists write pieces on him worded in such a way that they actually praise him for what he did in the last few days--like he's somehow a decent human being and not the disgusting and abusive slime that he is.