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You could using magnesis to cover yourself from the heat in BotW?

I think also comparing Immortals to Genshin Impact is that the latter is doing the whole EA games as service angle. Is a game that is still been made, a game more focused on the RPG combat with an elemental chemistry mainly playing in that context, it has little to no puzzles. But in a sense I think Genshin Impact is also similar to farm simulation games since it's not about finishing the story, rather is about to have different activities to do each day.

My main issue with Immortals is that it seems to lack charm of it's own. I know anime designs aren't for everyone but at least that's one thing Genshin Impact has over the style of Immortals. People comment that Zeus and Prometheus mainly drive the story leaving the character you control being a secondary passive character in it's own story. Characters seem serviceable but don't leave any mark since this is a setting we've seen before and even this year better with Hades.


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