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Fri Dec 18 20 07:27pm
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HAd my XO and FallOut 4 and was loving it a lot, bt then the Switch and BOTW moved in and I haven't touched FO4 ever since. I love the gme still, but BOTW pissed on it's parade big time.

I think that one of the most genius parts of the game is how open and non-linear it is. Not just in the open world and how you can approach it, but the fact that you don't have to follow the story and get all the memories, but you can if you want to. And even if you have all the memories, you can get waaaaay more ore, and thus story, by exploring. That's where BOTW is so special. A masterpiece, with minor flaws.

Edit: And I forgot to write my MAIN POINT!!! (LOL@ME): With the above mentioned, we all make our own journey. It's not spoon fed to us. We just embark on our own, personal adventure! =)


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