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Totally agree. They cant keep up with demand as it is. If demand dips then they’ll price cut first. Jumping to a new or upgraded system is quite frankly the last, and most costly, resort.

You have “fans” demanding they need to release a Switch Pro to compete with XBX/PS5 and you can guarantee those same people would be first to complain that they’re being “forced” to buy a new system.

BOTW2 will for sure release on Switch. Metroid Prime 4 has potential to be on the next system depending on how far along it is. Or it’ll be a cross-gen game like BOTW was. Personally that approach with BOTW and Twilight Princess is a good one. Provide a new system seller game but at the same time not burning owners of the previous console. I don’t think MP4 would have the same draw as BOTW but it wouldn’t be a bad thing to have to swan song the Switch and usher in the next system.


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