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Would honestly be surprised if it doesn’t release this year. If we assume they started production on BotW fully after Skyward Sword released that’s around 5 years to release, and that’s with building the whole physics engine, making the map, assets etc. whilst also contending with getting to grips with HD capable hardware. Assuming they started work on this right after BotW wrapped that’d mean we’ll be at 4 years since that release by the middle of this year. I’d say it’s fair to assume they’re using the same engine, will likely be reusing many assets and judging from Aonuma’s comments in the Age of Calamity reveal trailer; we’re possibly going to see the same base map again too. Even if the game is an entirely new world (which is what I’m hoping is the case) 4 years is still a long development cycle considering a lot of the legwork that took BotW so long had already been done.

Guess it depends on just what their plan is with this game and how ambitious they’re getting with it. I’m sure after the reception of BotW both critically and commercially they’ll be trying to make sure this lives up to that game so they may be taking their time to ensure that but I feel confident that this is the year. Would expect it to be their big holiday game though, not sure it’ll be any earlier than November unless there really is a Switch Pro to launch alongside.


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