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NiGHTS into Dreams... on the Saturn was quite beloved, but honestly, that game has aged quite poorly.

Frankly, I feel like there are ways to modernize NiGHTS gameplay, since there's really been nothing like it before or since outside of the franchise, but NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams took some missteps (most of them being attempts to pad out the game, but the story was pretty third-rate).

As far as other Yuji Naka titles go, it's the ones without a lot of hype that seem to work. I can think of Ivy the Kiwi? and Monster Manor/StreetPass Mansion; neither really gained much fame, but they were well-liked by those who did play them. Arguably the Wii version of Rodea the Sky Soldier as well. My impression of Yuji Naka is a man who has a lot of interesting concepts in his head but lacks the creativity, or possibly patience, to follow through--his best work comes if it's either low-budget (Monster Manor) or he has other people to work with those concepts in interesting ways (Rodea).