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There's a lot to pick through in this.

- the biggest publisher of boxed games across Europe was Nintendo, with a market share of over 28%

That’s very impressive.

- Switch sold almost three times as PS4, which saw sales drop 42% over 2019

Sony's loss is Nintendo's gain, and shows how things can turn quickly. Which is why I believe Nintendo should be and will be proactive, rather than reactive with a new Switch model.

- Switch's Joy-Con controllers increased 32% in sales year-on-year, and came in second place for accessories

Nintendo should be making a revision of the Joy-Cons. They're little pieces of crap in my opinion. The recent news that the EU are investigating Nintendo hopefully finally lights a bonfire under their backside. They've stuck their head in the sand thus far, only coming up to say they're sorry. Sorry means jack, if you do nothing to fix them. The Joy-Cons are the most expensive Nintendo controller ever and the worst.

- eShop cards grew 34% year-on-year

I don’t like the way the eShop operates now. I preferred it when you could buy games individually. Now, you've to top up by set amounts and you leave money sitting idle in your account. I've asked this before, I don’t know if anyone knows, but does or can Nintendo earn interest on this money? I'd love to know how much money is sitting there. I've around €10 in my account, Nintendo have my money even though I haven't bought anything.


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