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Tue Feb 09 21 10:24pm
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Edit: this comment is in response to Sligeach_Eire

Before you edited your post, you stated that "X company doesn't deserve to be in smash" (or something along the lines, I read it before it got edited) I think that's the problem, no company "deserves" anything: this is a business, and most decisions (as stated by Sakurai in the Steve direct) are taken without considering if fans think X company "deserves" a spot or not. The best example of this is Corrin, who got in because they wanted to advertise Fates, and we can argue for days if he deserved the slot or not. I think that Sakurai has tried to teach fans that, regardless of your alliance to any company, you should try to play games from different sources, not just one place. He actually recommended playing Banjo on xbox, because he knows his fans still think about the whole "X deserves to be and X doesn't" debate even to this day, when it's clear that's not the driving force behind the dlc choices.


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